"Joe Biden is not just a Rapist"

he's also a war criminal

like all men, a prisoner of his right hand

like all men, fucking him is a PATRIOT act

my uncle says we need to keep out the immigrants

not the ones who look like us, but the ones that don't

the ones who walk to school with both hands cuffed by a tongue and a zip-tie

do brown necks bend differently now?

all white men cast a grey shadow

he's also a friend of Obama

both of them men who like their girls in cages

bars on the window, rib-cage metal

a daughter cries for she is far from home

a daughter cries because she is home

he likes his little girls in cages

I have this one dream where I'm murdered after a hockey game

the barista at Starbucks gets my order wrong

and the men following me down the street slice me open like ahi tuna

blood and coffee and road salt meet sewer drain

did you know the Declaration of Independence

was typeset in Caslon's English Roman

the printer shipped it from England, cast in lead

the white men do not know it is poisonous to touch

I don't remember seeing girls who looked like me at the White House

back when I visited in 2016

I know so many letters of the alphabet now

surely that is a job requirement here

did you know that a white man can go to prison

and still make money off his own incarceration?

did you know that some white men never go to prison?

CNN writes that there are up to ten women Joe Biden could choose

for what, I write, for what


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